Tuesday, August 15th

PoronXRD is awesome in any thickness!


Wear your Helmet and Wingsuit! Parachute…OPTIONAL.


Zack Worden was here!

SkySystems USA proudly sponsors Zack WordenHey all. Get this, another one of SkySystems Sponsored athletes and Factory Diver fan, Zack Worden, just stopped in to pick up a Watersports Factory Diver for a buddy of his. Great seeing you Zack. SkySystems USA and ThinkHelmets.com provide quality headgear for a variety of sports.


World Class Watersports Athletes at SkySystems

SkySystems sponsors June and TomExtreme Pro Jumpers June Fladborg and Tom Asher dropped by to check out SkySystems new headquarters. SkySystems USA and ThinkHelmets.com are sponsors for June and Tom. Many pro watersports athletes use our Hydrogn or Factory Diver helmets while breaking records and winning championships. Great to have you guys at the shop today! Good luck in the rest of 2012!


The Edge Helmet Released

Sky Systems is Proud to announce the release of the EDGE helmet with PORON XRD!  The EDGE is the most comfortable helmet on the market with all the benefits of the PORON XRD foam…..



Slide Snap

We’ve revamped the closure system on our full face line to give you a more secure tightening system.  All new Factory Diver full face helmets leaving the factory from now on will have this new added bonus.



Vapor Narrow

The Vapor Narrow is the smaller version of the Wes Pro.  Designed to fit a single camera on top, but with room for a front mounted a still camera.

The Vapor Series of Helmets comes standard in Flat Carbon.  Custom paint colors are available.

Vapor Wes Pro

The Vapor Wes Pro is the ultimate platform for free fall photography. .  Designed to fit multiple video or video plus a still camera, the Wes Pro offer ample space. The top plate is the easiest to remove, alter or have a second one for a different camera set up.

The Vapor Series of Helmets comes flat carbon.   Custom paint colors are available.

* Quick Release option now available. Comes with everything needed to make the latch side release.  Self Install only. See photo below.