Wednesday, August 16th

Oxygn & A3 Replacement lens

Oxygn replacement lens clear $37.20*

Oxygn replacement lens colored $39.40*

How to clean your lens?

For best results, remove lens from helmet.

To clean the lens, run it under luke warm water to wet the entire surface.  While under the water you can gently rub your fingers around the lense to remove any particles that may be stuck.  This can be done to both sides of the lens but make sure that it stays wet the entire time.  Give it one final rinse and then set the lense upright allowing it to air dry.  Drying time will be quicker if it is placed in the sunlight.  Do not use a towel or cloth to dry or clean the lens. All of our lenses have an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating and using a towel will remove this coating and may ruin the lens.

* ratchets and side plates are an extra charge

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