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Sky Systems is proud to offer the Edge with PORON XRD, offering the best protection and comfort compared to any helmet on the market today!

Edge with PORON XRD

The Edge with PORON XRD by SkySystems USA is a great helmet for the novice or highly experienced skydiver. The versatility of it’s design allows the Edge to be used as a standard open-face helmet with a padded chin-strap. And later down the road, or for the expert skydiver, it can be expanded to become a top-mounted video helmet setup with the addition of a chincup.

The Edge comes standard with the Poron XRD- extreme impact protection liner, which is the thickest and most comfortable helmet liner with the best impact protection available in skydiving! PORON XRD offers anti-microbial protection too, which means it eliminates 99% bacteria, mold and mildew. Increasing the longevity of the liner and decreasing unwanted stains and odors.

It has a unique open face design that allows for a small camera top mounting, perfect for a GoPro, Contour or Drift camera. Also standard are dual audible pockets and a wide, comfortable leather, adjustable chin-strap.

This helmet is arguably the quietest and most comfortable open faced helmet on the market today.

The Edge is available  in Flat and Gloss Carbon for immediate shipment. Custom colors are available for an additional charge.
The Edge sizes are  x-small (under 21.4″), small (21.5-22″), medium (22.1-22.5″), large (22.51-23″), x-large (23.1-23.4″) and xx-large (23.4″ and above), custom fitted sizing is available

Prices & Sizes
Suggested Retail: $293.00


So how does PORON® XRD™ protection work?
On impact, the PORON XRD high performance molecules create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force* – hit after hit.

Repeated Impact Protection
PORON XRD technology offers the best repeated shock absorption of any high performance protection foam for extreme applications. In a nutshell, impact force dissipates and is distributed over a larger area, resulting in lower stress to the wearer. Upon high speed contact, PORON XRD material instantly firms creating a protective shield that absorbs the strike, while remaining comfortable and non-confining as it returns to its ‘resting’ state. Because XRD foam will not break down on impact you get maximum protection every hit. So, go ahead. Slam it; crash it; pound it. When everything depends on it, PORON XRD protection will be there for you – strong.

The XRD difference is notable even when the foam is at its thinnest, which means protective gear featuring PORON XRD protection are often more comfortable, flexible and breathable than other protective products. It feels soft and smooth and contours to the body.

When things heat up, keeping your cool is crucial. Breathable PORON XRD technology fits like a second skin for as long as you wear it, ensuring ease of motion and air flow. And, it won’t weigh you down with bulky padding, so you are free to focus on the game, not on your equipment.

Thin and Lightweight
Kiss your bulky, uncomfortable padding good bye. PORON XRD technology means you get the best protection – period – in a lightweight material that can replace bulkier, non-conformable pads. The XRD difference comes in a wide range of weights and thickness options, but is always recognizable by the signature XRD yellow.

Our application testing shows PORON XRD molecules will not break down over time like some competitive materials. So you get the same superior cushioning and protection performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

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