Friday, December 19th

The Sky Systems Benny!

Whether you are looking for a great first helmet, or you want something rugged but don’t want to pay for an expensive composite shell, then the Benny is just right for you.

It’s high impact ABS shell will take a beating but won’t break the bank.  With easy to change liners, you can replace or re-size in a matter of minutes. The Benny was completely designed for Skydiving, so why settle for anything else.


Military version with oxygen mask bayonet receivers, strobe mounts and Night Vision mounts are available.

Benny with standard liner Suggested Retail $ 59.95

The NEW Advanced Benny Liner

Benny with NEW Advanced liner  Suggested Retail $ 74.50

Replacement liner kit for the NEW  Advanced liner $ 29.50

Benny Design Features

  • Injection Molded, High Impact ABS.
  • Replaceable High Impact EVA foam liner.
  • Styling that is unmatched by any entry level skydiving helmet currently being used.
  • Minimal venting designed specifically for Skydiving.
  • Goggle Channel for routing of strap.
  • Closed ears that help block wind noise but still allow for hearing a radio on a chest strap.
  • Space in liner for audible altimeters.
  • Stainless steel hardware.

We are also now offering some new colors for a limited time!

Gloss & Matte Orange, Gloss & Matte Purple, Gloss Silver, Bright Gloss Yellow, Gloss Pink  and a select few others.
Sky Systems can offer custom branding of our Benny with minimums as lows 75 units.  We can virtually “wrap” the entire Benny with your complete Logo.

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8 Responses

  • Nicola March 31st, 2012

    Hey, I would like to buy a Benny, but I live in Italy. Can you ship Benny to Italy?

    Thank you for your appreciate reply.


  • Ludwig May 14th, 2012


    I am looking for a beginner, inexpensive helmet where I can mount a camera (contour or other) for amateur video/stills.

    Can the Benny be used for such a platform?



  • Ivan Korobkov May 21st, 2012


    Is it possible to order PoronXRD foam liner for Benny? I am interesting in changing my current liner, but find it very uncomfortable.

    Thank you!

    • Michael ( May 22nd, 2012

      We are doing some R&D on the Benny with applied PoronXrd. The additional cost of a more expensive liner may not be feasible. If SkySystems releases it, we will certainly make it public. If you would like to be included in future email updates and product releases from SkySystems, please let us know.

  • Brian ( October 30th, 2012

    I am thinking of getting 6 of your Benny helmets for the AFF School but when i check your dealer sites in the UK the Benny is not featured. Can you sell me 6 directly ?. Also, one further question, can the earpiece accommodate an audible altimeter ?

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