Sunday, December 21st

Sky Systems changed the way we skydive October 1988 with introduction of the FACTORY DIVER.  A few years later we did it again with the release of the Oxygn, A3, Hurricane and Nvertigo-X. Sky Systems is also built on quality skydiving accessories like TUBE STOES & SKY EYES Goggles.

In April of 2005 Sky Systems came under new ownership. The new ownership team is again focused on developing new products and a new level of service.

Sky Systems has re launched the Vapor Series camera helmet line, 2 new Freefly helmets and an all around student helmet.

NOTHING even comes close to the fit, comfort and style of our helmets.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a World Champion or a weekend jumper… you know quality and that’s exactly what you get with any of the Sky Systems products.

Yvonne Gnirss
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Yvonne Gnirss

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