Tuesday, August 15th

Sky Systems USA Inc. is a North Carolina based company that designs, manufactures and sells skydiving and water sport helmets and accessories. Our company currently markets three growing distinct brands: Sky Systems, Thinks Helmets, and Sky Shot Design.

As an industry leader, Sky Systems was the first to introduce a full face helmet, the full face skydiving with a lens that opens the patented Tube Stoe Retaining Bands (similar to a rubber band but with a unique design). Sky Systems is seeking to grow from its roots in skydiving markets to reach new markets and profitability with its current products, as well as new ones.

In April of 2005 Sky Systems came under new ownership. The new ownership team is again focused on developing new products and a new level of service.

NOTHING comes close to the fit, comfort and style of our helmets.  It doesn’t matter if you are a World Champion or a weekend jumper… you know quality and that’s exactly what you get with any of the Sky Systems products.

Doug Park


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Doug Park